Catalytic Debinding Furnaces TFE or BFC
(Assembled in China)

Specially developed for BASF-Feedstock, the plant concept of the TFE series is suitable for MIM parts debinding. In the process chain following this furnace, our customers apply batch sinter furnaces or small pusher furnaces (PTS). The parts are put onto lot frames, which are charged into the furnace. The furnace cycle operates program-based. Its particular exhaust gas post-combustion TNV renders the furnace environment-friendly. These furnaces are very popular on the Chinese market. Therefore, we manufacture them at our plant in China. Flyer Download TFE


Technical Features

Effective volume: 60, 200, 300, 500 liters
Heating: Electric
Atmosphere: Nitrogen and HNO3
Temperature: 200 °C

Debinding of MIM casted components

Additional equipment modules

  • Automation

The CREMER Principle






Customer Reviews

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